What It Offers

We are committed to your success and our reseller program gives you all the tools you need to market BizNet WMS to your clients.

Co-branded landing pages:

Provide your customers with direct access to BizNet WMS with a co-branded set of landing pages. They can sign up for the service from your website. Pages include product information, tour, pricing and sign-up for a free demo on every page.

Free use of BIzNet WMS for your own information mangagement:

Use BizNet WMS for your intranet, extranet and website efforts! You get a free use of an Advanced BizNet WMS Server license.

Listing in Acrosonic's Reseller Directory:

Your Reseller listing is added to this site when you sign up 5 or more accounts.

Access to all of the BizNet WMS marketing materials:

You receive a password and login to our Partner extranet. Email marketing campaigns, logos, banners and more are all at your fingertips making it easy for you to market BizNet WMS!

Share of license and subscription revenue:
You receive a revenue share of your clients' License and subscription fees. Revenue share starts at 25% and depends on your Reseller Program level.

Monthly reports:
You receive monthly reports including information on trial signups, paying customers, revenue share and usage data.

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