Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of designing, planning and developing a website in a manner that is most likely to perform well when being index by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo among others. All search engines index website content and apply algorithms to determine how websites are be ranked when searches are performed for specific content and information. No two search engines return exactly the same results but all search engines work hard to return the best matches for users. Search engines employ more than 200 variables when evaluating website content. Further, all search engines are continuously modifying variables and reworking their mathematical algorithms.

Sowing the Seeds of Organic Search Engine Placement

Achieving top organic search engine placement starts with search engine optimization. Successful search engine optimization includes identifying, prioritizing and integrating targeted search engine key phrases into the website to maximize search engine indexing of targeted asset pages. Search engine optimization is a subset to search engine marketing. However, search engine optimization is completed before and during search engine marketing because it defines how search engine marketing will be performed.

Targeted Key Phrase Building
Identifying good key phrases representing customer services and products. Evaluating competitor websites and key phrase placement results. Prioritizing targeted key phrases based on volume of searches.

Asset Page Building
Identifying specific pages designed to be optimized for specific targeted search engine key phrases. Asset pages typically reflect one broad key phrase per page.

Site Architectural Building
Prioritizing and organizing asset pages to maximize targeted key phrases and increasing internal link building to asset pages.

Targeted Content Building
Development of targeted key phrase content structured in a hierarchical manner designed to maximize organic search engine placement.

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