Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the process of designing, planning and developing an external marketing strategy that will enhance indexing by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo among others. All search engines index website content based on links followed. Implementing an external marketing strategy promotes specific targeted key phrases and content in search engine indexing. Among the more than 200 variables search engines use to evaluate website content is a significant portion of external variables considered when awarding websites top search engine placement results. Continued pursuit of external variables contributing to website placement success is among the highest priorities of successful websites.

Growing the Seeds of Organic Search Engine Placement

Achieving top organic search engine placement excels with search engine marketing. Successful search engine marketing includes identifying, prioritizing and creating external website resources to improve organic search results. The creation of external resources is based on developing legitimate, natural and relevant resources related to the customer website.

Relationship Building
Identify business relationships with organizations who have professional websites such as professional organizations, partners, vendors, resellers or retailers, government agencies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

Article Building
Develop external value added content relating to customer products and services. Examples include how to articles, specifications and reviews.

Targeted Link Building Coordinate external resources with link building and reciprocal link building techniques based on targeted key phrases.

Social Media Building
Identify social media websites that appropriately fit the type of services and products the customer provides. Additionally, determine strategy for marketing to social media websites that have the greatest ability to promote organic search engine results.

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