System Monitoring

Our system is monitored 24/7 by both employees and automatic monitoring scripts that alert system administrators to any current issues across our network.

Heartbeat Monitoring

BizMail monitors nearly every service on every server across our network through our own heartbeat application. Our system not only checks to see if a system is active, but also actively tests the service to insure that it is functioning efficiently. Our system will first try to fix the problem itself using our programmed recovery systems. If unsuccessful, then our system administrators wil be notified using the SMS and Calling System detailed below.

SMS and Calling System

If a service becomes unresponsive or is not performing efficiently, an SMS alert will be sent to our system administrators. System Administrators have a short time to respond to this SMS. If the issue isn't reported as being investigated within a very short span of time, our system will start calling system administrator via a text-to-speech system.

System Graphs

BizMail utilizes extensive graphs, primarily to help us identify growth trends. For example, we monitor email ticket volumes to help identify when it might be necessary to employ another technical support representative. We monitor server load to help identify when we need to increase capacity.

LCD Screen Monitoring

Our office space has large LCD screens that display up-to-date system status information. As soon as any problem is encountered, an alert will be shown on the LCD screens. These alerts are very useful to system administrators as well as our customer service team, so that they can stay up to date and inform our customers if there are any services currently being affected.

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