Network Redundancy

Every Mailbox is Hosted on a Cluster

technology-cluster1Every BizMail mailbox is hosted on two servers - called a cluster. Any data in a customer's mailbox is stored on both the primary and secondary server. The two servers are configured in a primary/secondary mode. The primary server will essentially take all of the load from the customer's that reside on it. If it ever fails, then the secondary server will automatically take over and become the new primary.

One of the other key benefits of clustering is that we can perform maintenance functions at any time without causing any downtime. If we need to work on a primary server, we'll switch the customers on that primary to the secondary, perform the maintenance and then switch them back.

technology-upstreamUpstream Redundancy

BizMail connects to multiple IP transit providers to ensure our network is accessible around the world at all times. These providers include Level 3, Global Crossing and Cogent Communications. Because BizMail peers with multiple providers, the number of network hops is significantly decreased, therefore creating increased speeds to our customers.

We maintain fiber connections with our carriers and have burstable agreements with all of them to insure that our connection will always remain fully available.

Systems Architecture

BizMail standardizes on 1U and 3U SuperMicro SuperServers, Intel Processors, Genuine Kingston Memory, and the highest quality hard disks available at time of purchase. BiizMail's data capacity is currently about 175 Terabyte.

Geo-redundancy Service


BizMail offers customers a geo-redundant solution that extends the cluster setup described above. With geo-redundancy, an additional cluster is kept in a different data-center from the primary cluster. In the unlikely event of an entire data-center outage, the mailbox would stay online by switching to the alternate data-center cluster. Data is replicated in real time to all clusters, so the email account will experience no data loss. Geo-redundancy is available as an optional add-on to any mailbox. To learn more about geo-redundancy, click here.

Adding Capacity is Simple

Adding capacity to BizMail is a very fast and simple process. Once new hardware is installed (which from time of order can take less than 24 hours), our automatic configuration scripts will install the OS and necessary software on to the server automatically. A new cluster can be fully operational within 48 hours from the initial ordering time. All three of our data-centers have sufficient room for significant new capacity.

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