Double Your Piece of Mind

technology-geoclusterEmail down is a serious business issue that can be measured in real dollars lost. BizMail goes to great lengths to protect any mailbox from downtime. We only host within the best datacenters and our bandwidth carriers are the best known in the Industry. While the chance of a total datacenter outage is remote, we have developed a geo-redundant solution that doubles your data redundancy by replicating your data cluster to a secondary datacenter.

That means that in the event of a total datacenter outage, your mailboxes would stay online with up-to-date data.

How it Works

As shown in our Network Redundancy page, every BiizMail mailbox is hosted on two servers (called a cluster). If the primary server of this cluster ever fails, the secondary takes over and the mailbox stays online and fully functional.

With geo-redundancy, mailbox data is replicated to a secondary cluster, so there are a total of 4 servers with up-to-date mailbox data. The secondary cluster is in a similar BiizMail configuration within another one of our three key locations. In the event that the secondary cluster is turned into the primary, the mailbox will continue to operate and be fully functional. You won't even notice a difference!

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