Data Center Locations

technology-datacentersBizMail hosts significant server configurations in three data centers: Ashburn (Virginia), Kansas City (Missouri) and San Jose (California).

By hosting multiple facilities, we can locate customer data in the location that is closest to them. This improves transfer speeds and connection times. And if a customer ever moves to a new location, we'll detect that and move that mailbox to an alternate data center, if that would result in a better connection speed.

Our data centers are all state of the art facilities. On the west and east coast, we co-locate within Equinix facilities, while in Kansas City, we utilize CoSentry. All facilities have 24 hour security personnel and access to the buildings is strictly limited. In our opinion (shared by many experts), Equinix is the most secure and professional provider of data center space worldwide. It's customers include all of the big Internet businesses, such as IBM, Electronic Arts, Google, General Electric, Microsoft, Sony and Yahoo!.

CoSentry (our Kansas City co-location provider) provides very similar services to Equinix.

Security Features

Both Equinix and CoSentry have the following security measures in place:

  • Center is manned by on-site security, 24/7/365
  • All doors have restricted access either by keycard or biometric scanners.
  • The building has no windows and exterior walls are bullet resistant.
  • CCTV digital camera coverage of entire center.
  • Entire perimeter bounded by concrete bollards/planters.
  • Silent alarm system linked to law enforcement officials.
  • All equipment checked upon arrival.
  • Shipping and receiving area walled off from co-location areas.

Data Center Services

Both Equinix and CoSentry provide state of the art data center services, including:

  • Redundant HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), ensuring that our servers and the surrounding environment remain clean and at an ideal operating temperature.
  • Multi-zoned, dry pipe, water-based fire suppression system with sensory mechanisms to sample air and provide alarms prior to pressurization.
  • Flood control: built above sea-level with no basements, tightly sealed conduits, moisture barriers and dedicated pump rooms.
  • Earthquake: Building meets or exceed seismic design requirements of local building codes and all equipment is anchored and braced.
  • UPS systems and emergency backup diesel generators with redundancy built into all power backups.
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