Our Setup in a Nutshell

BizMail is built from the ground up with reliability of services as a key success factor to our business and customer satisfaction. To achieve this, every service has redundancy built-in. The most critical point of redundancy is on the actual servers hosting a customer's mailbox. We utilize data clusters which is made up of a primary and secondary server. Both the primary and secondary servers' host a live copy of the user's mailbox data. If ever the primary experiences a problem, the secondary will automatically take over and the customer's mailbox will remain online. Learn more.

technology-datacenters2Three Strategically Chosen Data-Centers

BizMail hosts significant infrastructure in three US data-centers: Ashburn (Virginia), Kansas City (Missouri) and San Jose (California). Having multiple data-centers allows BiizMail to store a customer's mailbox data in the data-center located closest to them. This results in faster connection times and transfer speeds. Multiple data-centers also lets us conveniently store customer backups at an alternate data-center to where their data is stored. Learn more.

Looking For the Technical Lingo on our Setup?

BizMail's system is Linux-based. This allows up to take full advantage of open-source software, which helps to keep our costs low. Linux also provides us with a very stable platform to host our applications on. Due to the complexity of our setup, many opensource platforms have been modified and we've also designed and developed a large number of additional applications to help manage our infrastructure. Our Webmail platform is proprietary and is one of the main focus points of our development effort. Learn more.

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