What It Syncs


Email, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks & Notes (including shared folders). Depending on your device, certain features may not be available.

The Concept

You want to stay in sync no matter what device or machine you connect from - not a big ask, but something that very few providers are able to offer. The impact to your efficiency is enormous, because you have live data at your fingertips everywhere. Often people have to resort to an expensive Microsoft Exchange solution - luckily though for you, you've found an alternative that is a fraction of the cost of an Exchange mailbox and sync is included!


Supporting Outlook and Over 1200 Mobile Devices

Blackberry, Windows Mobile and iPhone are all supported. In addition though, we support over 1200 other mobile devices.

Configuration of our software is simple. If you're setting up a mobile phone, we'll SMS you a link to a configured client that will then setup your phone to sync with your BizMail account. If you're setting up Outlook, a download file will be provided to you.


How it Works


You've no doubt heard of cloud computing. It's a very popular term that describes data that is stored in a central location and then the user (i.e. you) connects to that location. That's different from the days when data would reside with the user, thereby only being accessible from a single location.

In this cloud computing explanation, BizMail is the cloud. We host all of your data, including email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes. Whenever anything happens to any of these components (e.g. you receive an email, add an appointment, etc.), it is saved to the cloud. It then becomes accessible to any device accessing the cloud. It doesn't matter how many devices you connect from, they will all be in sync with each other.

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