features-emailclientsUse Your Existing Email Client

One of the great things about BizMail is we're compatible with almost any other email system out there, so migrating to us normally means minimal changes on your end. By supporting POP, IMAP & SMTP, you have the option to use any number of common email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

What's the Difference Between POP & IMAP?

The difference between POP and IMAP is where your emails and mail folders are stored. In most cases with POP3, you will download your emails from our servers, thereby removing them from our server and putting them into your local email client. They are not left on BizMail. With IMAP, your emails and mail folders are kept on our servers, so when you access your email account via IMAP, you'll be looking at your emails remotely.

The advantage with POP3 is that you don't have to be online to check your emails. Some businesses would also rather keep their data on their local computers, so POP3 is a better option. With IMAP, your emails are stored on our servers and therefore you can easily access your emails from any Internet connection worldwide. Your emails will also be backed up regularly and be stored on multiple servers, making it reliable and efficient. If ever you were to lose the data on your local computer, you wouldn't lose your emails.

SMTP Information

BizMail can configure our SMTP servers to adapt to your setup. In most cases, we require SMTP Authentication (a standard configuration option) to be turned on in your email client. In circumstances where this isn't supported, we can authenticate customer IP addresses to send without authentication.

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